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4 Reasons Temperature Calibration Is Important To Your Business

A wide variety of temperature measurement instruments meet an array of needs in the manufacturing industry. Temperature plays a significant role in metal processing, plastic manufacturing, food and beverage production, and heating and cooling. 

To optimize production, it's important that your temperature measuring devices measure temperatures accurately. The best way to ensure accuracy is to have your devices calibrated regularly. 

Here are four reasons temperature calibration is important to your business:

Types of Temperature Measurement Devices

Thermocouples are the most widely used temperature measurement devices. They consist of two different metal alloys that join to form a junction, measuring temperature through changes in electromotive force. Milk pasteurization, auto engines and gas appliances rely on thermocouples for accurate temperature measurement.

Temperature transmitters are another type of temperature measurement tool. These are electrical instruments that have complex sensors that measure temperature. 

Product Quality

Calibrating your temperature measurement instruments ensures that you maintain the consistent temperatures necessary for a high-quality end product. For example, in the wine industry, inconsistent temperatures may result in a wine that fails to ferment properly. In milk pasteurization, inconsistent temperatures can result in the growth of harmful bacteria, which can sicken consumers. 

Cost Reduction

Manufacturing errors play a significant role in increased operating costs. If you're monitoring temperatures for production and those temperatures lack accuracy, you can expect manufacturing errors to occur. Implementing regular calibration will ensure that you're monitoring the most accurate temperatures possible, which results in fewer manufacturing errors and a reduction in cost.


Temperature measurement is used extensively in manufacturing parts such as gas appliances and auto parts. During the production process, when measuring forces such as electrical currents, accuracy is crucial to product safety. For example, if a vehicle component fails at a certain measured force, and the instrument that measured it was not calibrated, you wouldn't be able to perform a valid failure analysis. This would make the product unsafe for use. 

Pass Quality Assurance

In order to ensure quality, many industries implement quality management systems that consist of processes that must be met to pass quality assurance. To maintain quality, some policies require that periodic calibration is performed. If you fail to calibrate your instruments at the required intervals, you risk failing quality assurance. If you're in a business that requires certification, failing quality assurance may threaten your certification. 

Regardless of your particular business, calibration can help you stay on top and keep production running smoothly. Contact a company like Cooper Controls Inc for more information and assistance.