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How You Can Make Sure You Deal With Your Construction Waste Responsibly

Do you practice responsible removal of your construction debris? Many construction companies order a roll off, dump everything into it, and move on. However, the construction debris you create at the site isn't all the same. A good dumpster rental service will make sure the debris goes to where it belongs, but you can do your part to help as well. To learn more, look at more info below. 

What Happens to Your Construction Debris?

You may not know, or even consider what happens with your construction debris. Debris from construction can often go back into another project. Sometimes, the debris can represent a hazard to people and the environment.

If you're not removing the debris yourself, ask the dumpster rental company what they do with the waste. If they simply drive it to the landfill and dump it, then they're not particularly responsible.

Ask if they separate the debris. You can also separate it yourself to see just what you have. For example, you can separate recyclable materials and bring those materials to a recycling center.

You can send salvageable materials to a salvage yard. In this way, you'll do the responsible thing. You can also recoup some costs as well if you can find salvagers or recycling centers that pay for the materials.

It's possible the construction waste removal service engages in these activities as well. If they do, then you can use their services with confidence because you know they have a more robust plan for the debris after they cart it off.

The Law May Require Certain Waste Management Procedures

No matter what the debris removal service does, you should make yourself aware of the laws concerning construction waste. Many municipalities have very strict laws about what you can toss, and what you must dispose of another way.

Both you and the waste removal service need to know what those local laws are. Besides, you may have to foot the bill from the town if the waste removal service doesn't separate or remove the debris properly.

The Waste Removal Service May Require You to Act Responsibly

The waste removal service itself may need you to deal with your waste in a particular way before putting it into their dumpsters or roll offs. This may serve to protect them from many of the aforementioned local laws.

The service may have a list of materials they will not handle. Or, they may have guidelines for how you should separate the materials before you dump them. These are all good signs the service practices responsible waste removal, and wants you to do so as well.

A construction dumpster can certainly handle big and small jobs. But, you should make sure that both you and the dumpster rental service practice responsible debris removal. It will actually make the teardown and clean up go more smoothly for you. All the while, you'll do your part for both the local and larger environment.